Health, Gun, Re-Organziation

I added Room a variable for money, health and added a fire that you take damage from if you run into it. I think I’ve thoroughly settled on an 8-bit theme for the game since all the sprites I make/steal are in that style. I also added a gun item, but it doesn’t shoot yet.

I changed the way the player sprite works, and to illustrate, here it is:

So the four images are your up/down/left/right then below that are all the different “sprites” a player can have. Those are the items you can equip that change your sprite. Then the next column is all the same sprites, but in a different outfit. The objects shouldn’t be inverted, but it’s just for demonstration purposes. Tim says he’ll have a concept for the player sprite to me soon.

I also changed the return results from the collision detection to include type-specific elements and positions. So instead of just .pos returning the position of an element you’re in front of, it gets that element’s type (mobile, exit, container, etc.) and sets .mobilePos instead. That accounts for your needing to get data about two elements you’re interacting with at once.

Tomorrow I have a long train ride and I’m going to try to get the gun shooting.

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