Concurrent animations

I was having a problem with bullets killing people a few days ago, in that I could animate the person’s death either before the bullet hit the person (directly after the gun was shot) or after the bullet disappeared. This was because I was trying to fit that line of code in with the bullet animate() method somewhere. What I ended up doing was running the death animation on its own delay, dependent on how far the player is away from the dead person. Since bullet speed is directly related to how far it is away from something, it worked swimmingly.

In other good news, The One Electronic has agreed to create original music for the game! I asked him to start out with just a theme song for Hipster Dad, so we’ll see how it goes.

Other things to note with 0.1.9 are:

  • New outdoor areas, mostly just blank
  • Bug fixes on how doors work
  • Dead people don’t talk
  • Dead people don’t come back to life if you shoot them again
  • Hipster Dad’s name is now Warren
  • New “Play Again” button on death, still just refreshes the page though
  • Added placeholder music, which is muted by default
  • Added mute/unmute button

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