Swinging arms, walking legs

Even though I don’t have the final sprites set up yet, I decided to go ahead and triple the number of sprites I need (sorry, Tim), and add walking animation. Now when you press a movement key, you slide in that direction instead of just warping there. In addition it cycles between three sprites (standing still, left foot forward, right foot forward) during the same time period of movement. Once again I used concurrent animations, so I hope the way I’m doing it is the best practice, because I’m starting to do it a lot. Here’s the new sprite file:

Player Sprite File

You’ll notice there’s no walking animation when you’re carrying objects, and that’s just laziness on my part. There will eventually be walking movement for every object (sorry again, Tim). I did manage to copy+paste+invert though, for the second outfit.

I also put together a map to keep myself sane with all the room numbers and door numbers. Now I can just reference this without having to double-check everything.

Game Rooms

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